Friday, April 2, 2010


I have SO much to look forward to!! This last few weeks of school are going to FLY by...and then its offical: I will be a SENIOR! :)

KSU Junior Day:

Me, Jenna, Andrea and our parents are heading to Manhatten for Junior Day at KState! So excited to yet again visit campus and see my future home with my future roomies! (most likely lol) :)

YoungLives Camp:

I am (most likely) going to Camp Buckner in Texas to be a childcare worker for the teen moms going to camp. I am excited to be able to serve God in such a fun way...and with my friends :)

Challenge 2010:

I CAN NOT WAIT! Challenge is in Columbus, Ohio this summer. I am wayy beyond ready/excited for this trip! Kristin Stanfill will be the worship leader...he is great! Check him out! Multiple speakers will be there....and they will all be fantastic! I have been waiting for this trip since July 4, 2008! (When we got home last time)

Kids Camp at Camp Quaker Haven:
SO excited for this trip too! I look forward to it every year! Last year was probibly the funnest year yet! I was blessed to have my (now) good friend Jessica as my co-councelor and an awesome group of girls to hang out with!! This coming summer is going to be so so fun...I am most defintly counting the days!!! (I should probibly turn my application in soon... lol)
Needless to say: Summer, P L E A S E hurry up!! :)

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