Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm in a Tornado.

Whew. Latley I keep feeling like Im being swept up in a torado....and its not going to put me down for a while.
Life is crazy. Its going so fast!
Next weekend is Retreat with the youth group. It is going to be such a fun and memorable weekend. D.A. Horton is speaking! He was my favorite speaker from Challenge last summer....I can not wait to hear him speak again.
About one month after retreat, I leave for Haiti. On March 20th myself and 14 others from my youth group are going to Haiti for 8 days. There we will be doing a VBS...and we are expecting a couple hundred kids (about 200 probibly) ages 3-20. This will be very interesting as there will be 15 English speaking Americans and possibly 200 Creol speaking Haitians. It will be an adventure, thats for sure! We will also get to go to 2 orphanages while we are there....and that is what I am most looking forward to! It is going to be an exciting, life changing 8 days.
After Haiti, we have lots of Senior meetings about graduation&such durring the end of May-April.
Then we have prom! I am so excited for my Senior Prom! Ahh how exciting! And its very possible I will go to two Proms...Andover and Heights! :) YAY!
After Prom, ohhhh boy! Time is going to fly by!
After Prom comes the main event: GRADUATION. May 22, 2011, 4:00 p.m. at Centry II to be exact. Oh how I have been wating for this day! And after graduation....its summer time. Ahhhh :)
Except...summer means 3 months left. 3 months of being at home...with my family. 3 months of being familer with everything around me. 3 months of being with the people who will move away at the end of the summer. 3 months of security. 3 months of saving saving saving (money). Ahh. So as I look forward to summer....I also get really nervous. And really excited. Goodness. So many emotions!!
So here's to the next 4 months of being in a "time tornado"!

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