Saturday, August 8, 2009

BUMP 2009

A few weeks ago, i had the opportunity to go to St. Louis. Our youth group went to help out with VBS at Jubliee Communite Church. I went there thinking it was going to be kinda scary and i defintly didn't expect to connect with the kids there. Ha. That is exactly the opposite of what happened! (there were a few scary moments though) We came to St. Louis to love this kids...we defintly did that but wow! Those kids REALLY loved us! The first night made me think. The kids clung to us all night long and were sad when it was time to leave. I realised, this isn't how it is at our church back in Wichita. Nearly every child at our church comes from a loving, Godly home. This isn't how it is at Jubilee. This really made me think about how these kids come from so pretty hard homes and the 2 hours that we had with them may have been the only time that day that they felt loved. This made me feel very sad, yet so very thankful! After that, i realised the importance of making each and every child that walked through the doors of Jubliee feel so loved and important. I truly hope that that was the case. Some day, I hope that I get the privilege of going back to Jubliee Community Church and to serve God is such a powerful way.
Me and Sirvilla. I got to help lead her to Christ! :)

Me with Shonnday, DeAnna, Gabby and Natlie Grace


  1. LOVE that you're blogging, love that you're posting pictures, LOVE that you have a beautiful background! Keep it up girl! it'll be fun to "follow" you =P

    Mrs. W

  2. welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! it is a great place to process and share what the Lord is doing in and through you! You are a rock star Han! Love you much, mandy